3rd Party Logistics services (3PL)

When you outsource your logistics to a third party, it is business critical that your partner of choice is fully aligned with your logistics strategy. We have established ourselves as the 3PL of choice for discerning organizations who pursue this strategy.


3rd Party Logistics services (3PL)

You issue the Purchase Order, we handle the rest. From the moment the PO is known at your supplier, we takeover. This service includes each and every aspect from production phase until the moment the goods have been safely delivered to your customer.

We design, build and operate your tailormade logistics solution making sure we are the perfect fit for your business with a high focus on cost savings, safety, speed and full transparency for your logistics supply chain.

Our key ingredients which will maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of your logistics supply chain are:

  • NPassionate, dedicated and skilled people handling your orders
  • NScalable Warehousing solutions
  • NAdvanced Logistics Management System designed according to your needs
  • NOur innovative live track and trace solutions
  • NWorldwide footprint


End- to end Supply Chain Managament

What we do

Supplier / Production plant

  • NPurchase order management
  • NDocumentation check against your purchase order
  • NInbound transportation Rulewave warehouse
  • NManagement of direct dispatches from supplier to receiving customer

Rulewave (3PL)

  • NContent (quality) check
  • NReturn management to supplier
  • NReturn management from receiving customer
  • NAssembling and re-packing
  • NStorage
  • NPick and pack
  • NPreparation of shipping documents
  • NDispatch by any required mode of transport
  • NLive Track and Trace options

Via interfaces between your ERP / Distribution system and our customized logistics management system ‘Rulewaveonline’ we minimize the administrative impact and maximize the visibility of your orders at all stages.

Get in touch with one of our experts, without obligation, and let us help you to bring your supply chain to the next level.