3PL + 4PL = 7PL

In the rapidly advancing logistics industry many are still becoming familiar with 4PL. As always we at Rulewave like to stay one step ahead, therefore, let me introduce you to 7PL.



3PL + 4PL = 7PL (explained)

In essence 7PL is a combination of the two services: 3PL (warehousing & transport) + 4PL (management- and consultation services). 

7PL brings together the best of both worlds. With 7PL you benefit from a one-shop-stop solution from supplier to customer. Dealing only with one preferred partner who is managing and operating your logistics supply chain.

We at Rulewave have developed and deployed a strong and innovative 7PL service. We bring maximum value to our customers, operating in various industries, by integrating all logistics aspects of the supply chain:

  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution by any mode of transportation
  • Carbon emission reporting

Our tailormade system ‘Rulewaveonline’, which is accessible at any time and from any device, provides all stakeholders live visibility at all stages in their logistics supply chain.

This system also allows us to connect, via EDI interfaces, with our customer’s ERP / Distribution system which minimizes the administrative impact and further maximizes the visibility of their orders at all stages.

Despite the innovative technology and expertise, the personal touch is deeply integrated into our company’s culture. Experience learns that this is the determining factor for operating a successful 7PL model.

Curious what value we can bring to your business? Get in touch with one of our experts and let us help you to bring your logistics supply chain to the next level.