Global Logistics Service Provider


Value Added Services

We call it "Warehousing Plus"

The additional services we provide make all the difference. From receipt of your goods at our warehouse until time of departure whether packed, mixed, labelled and/or sealed according to your exact specifications.

Bagging Solution

We like to serve as an extension of your own production facility. Our additional services enable you to transport your products in bulk, after which we process and prepare them for delivery. Take our bagging solutions, for example. You send us big bags and we turn them into handy-sized bags for the end user, perhaps with different brand labels.
Where required, we can keep the bulk product in store for you supplying the desired quantities as requested.

Tailored Services

In consultation, we can provide a range of tailored services. For example, we have our own shrink wrap machine, which is used to wrap a protective film around your packaging. Or we can mix your products to create a new end product with a different composition. Feel free to enquire about the specific options open to you – no strings attached.