Global Logistics Service Provider


Project Freight Forwarding

As our client base concentrates on the international project business, Rulewave strives to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place at all locations to give adequate support and confidence to our customers. By implementing a strong infrastructure combined with sound product knowledge, we ensure that all cargoes can be shipped on time and in the most cost effective manner.

Rulewave will coordinate all project requirements to ensure all cargo types are delivered on time when required and consolidation of multiple shipments to ensure the best cost effectiveness and operational benefits are achieved.
Pre-planning is essential if project schedules are to be maintained and again within budget restraints. Understanding the customer's requirements through dedicated personnel contact is an essential feature, whilst in-depth knowledge of international routings and schedules enables the customer to take advantage of the project tailored and cost effective modes.

Rulewave take a very personal approach on all work undertaken and aim to be present at shipments whenever possible.