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North Sea Liner Services

These routes are served by ‘coaster type’ vessels, invariably box shaped. The service is not restricted to the carriage of tubulars only. Cargoes are usually loaded at Flushing or Antwerp for destinations servicing the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry – principally Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Esbjerg and the range of ports from Stavanger to Hammerfest.

Rulewave frequently transports other bulk commodities, such as drilling chemicals and equipment for the offshore industry, construction yards and gas terminals. Moreover, Rulewave provides a feeder service to several major shipping lines for cargoes originating in Japan, Singapore, USA and Mexico with North Sea Ports as the ultimate destination.

Similarly these vessels can accept cargoes of sufficient quantity from regular ports of call, or other ports by inducement, for North European destinations or for transhipment Antwerp to deep sea destinations.

Rulewave can provide you with an all-inclusive service, in either direction, at fixed, competitive rates.

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