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Handling Procedures for Steel Tubulars including Transportation & Storage

Our procedures for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), namely Casing, Tubing & Line Pipe, have evolved from our experience with the handling of these products.
We have obtained a great benefit and knowledge from representatives of major steel mills, stockists, distributors and other experts in this field.

Our manual is available to Customers, upon request, from most of our offices detailed herein under “Contact Us”. Our procedures include detailed recommendations for Steel Tubulars in Marine Vessels, Trucks & Containers, including special requirements and fumigation. We also address temporary storage which we can provide in most of our worldwide locations.

We are including illustrations of a typical sequence of events from receipt of the coated line pipe(s) at the port of loading, vessel under loading including spreader bar and hooks, blocking/bracing in vessel’s hold , discharge & preparation of railcars at disport, loading/securing & choking of railcars and final arrival at destination.