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Authorised Economic Operator

Rulewave leads the way as one of the first Dutch companies to be awarded the status of Authorised Economic Operator. This gives you the certainty you require and saves you time and money when importing your goods.

AEO Status

Following the example of the C-TPAT in the United States, Europe recently also tightened up its customs legislation. Only companies that satisfy strict safety requirements are awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. Rulewave has this status because of our personnel screening procedures and biometric security systems.

Save Time And Money

Our clients benefit from Rulewave's AEO status on a daily basis. Goods imported by our company are rarely subjected to physical checks. In the unlikely event that your goods are selected for inspection, this procedure is assigned high priority and takes place in the secure environment of our own warehouse! In other words, your goods are already safe and sound and will be securely stored away as soon as the procedure has been completed.

Custom Clearence

With Rulewave handling your transportation requirements there is no reason to fear Dutch customs. We organise all the formalities for you. With no delays it generally takes five minutes to get your documents approved.

We have a direct link with Dutch customs. We use this online system to exchange, send and receive all the required information. The Dutch customs is currently striving to establish more horizontal supervision when dealing with reliable logistics companies. Rulewave has an engaged and open attitude and checks are rare. Consequently, getting your goods past customs has become a mere formality.